March 30, 2017

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September 25, 2018

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January 29, 2018


I recently delivered a presentation to employees at an Australian organisation on how social media has changed the global recruitment landscape. We often talk about social media's impact on our day to day lives, but don't always consider at the game-changing effect social media and emerging technologies can have on talent attraction strategies. The presentation addressed the depth of social media usage across Australia, the innovative ways companies around the world are leveraging social media to attract new talent, and how people can utilise social media to get a job.


When it comes to recruiting, social media has:


  • Opened up a global talent pool  

Before social media it would've been almost impossible to map out the talent landscape in another world city, but technology has virtually removed this barrier. Want to hire a Paris-based Managing Director from your desk in London, despite only knowing how to order a baguette in French? Can do*. 


  • Enabled access to passive talent

Recruiters can now present job opportunities to people who are not actively looking, and whom would likely never come across the opportunity in the first place. This increases organisations' chances of attracting and hiring the very best talent available in the market, instead of them relying solely on reviewing applications from people who have proactively applied.


  • Created a much more diverse applicant pool

By following the traditional method of posting a job on a particular job board or in a print publication (yes, some people still read newspapers), only the demographic reading that medium would see the opportunity. By using social media the opportunity can be presented much wider audiences. 


Some of the most innovative uses of social media and new technologies are evident in campaigns run by brands like McDonald's Australia, whose 2017 "Snaplications" campaign invited its target demographic to create 10 second videos using a specially designed McDonald's Snapchat filter which showed them "wearing" the McDonald's uniform. Once submitted to McDonald's via Snapchat, the person would then receive a link to the application form and be invited to apply and take part in the usual selection process.


In addition, Jaguar Landrover recently utilised their partnership with Gorillaz's guitarist Noodle (he's their STEM ambassador) to launch a code-breaking challenge in the Gorillaz mixed reality app. Anyone able to complete the challenge automatically skipped the early stages of the recruitment process. As a result of their innovation, Jaguar Landrover was able to hire a self-taught coder without formal education qualifications - talent they may never have encountered had they taken a more traditional graduate recruitment process. 


As the world of technology moves forward at break-neck pace, and the demand for niche talent increases, it's very important organisations consider how they can best leverage technology to innovate their hiring processes and keep them ahead of the game. 


*True story


Sian Havard is Founder at Milkshake Group, a Brisbane, Australia based consultancy which partners with startups wanting world-class talent strategies. Find her at

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